Super Junior { Kibum/Donghae ; 2012 }
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Title: 2012
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Kibum/Donghae
Word count: 388
Rating: PG
Genre: Crack
Summary here Donghae doesn't want to die and Kibum wants him to permanently stop watching Chinese TV.

in 2012 everything will unfreeze, right?Collapse )

Lovely Day

I miss you.

I don’t know how much I’ve wrote those letters in these five years. In these five years, every time I always thinking about you. I still remember when the first times we meet in that café, when I saw you I know you are the only one for me, and I already know that my life is become yours.

The first time you introduce yourself to me. Since that we always shared all of our life. Actually I’m the most and you just hear my entire story. And as time passed, you told me that you love me, and since then we always spent out time together, until I got message from my mom that my father sick, I know I change from that time, my mind full of worries about my father, we rarely spent our time again, and I always late or sometime cancelled our covenant.

And when my father passed away, you always in my side, caring of me, understanding me, and protecting me.

I still remember when I told you that I would back to Mokpo, to life with my mother, because after my father gone, my brother back to US to continue his studied, my mother live alone. I remember how you react that time, how you shocked and your faced full of sadness, and what makes me love you much, you tried to smile and told me that’s everything gonna be all right as hugged me tight.

But I stuck here in Mokpo with my mother. Every day in afternoon, I lying on the sand beach, near my house. As waiting for sunset, I think about you, dream about you. Not much I want now. I just wanna hold your hands, kiss to your lips, play with you, and sleep on your lap. It must be beautiful lovely day. I hope I can send this feeling to you, so you can feel what I feel now.

A month ago when I back to house from beach, I was surprised when I saw my brother, Donghwa, talked with my mom in living room, I can heard my mom informed him that in five years, I always look sad, although no one job that she gave to me neglected, but my mind not in place, when I sleep I always talk about you. She was happy that I want to stay with her in Mokpo, but when She saw me like that, she feel don’t know me, I’m not Donghae, happy and cheerful boy.

When we have dinner in that night, Donghwa-hyung talked me that he has finished his study, and he decides to work in our hometown, Mokpo, I so happy for that, but what make me happiest that, he told me that I could back to Seoul if I want, because he doesn’t want to lose his brother if I act like this anymore.


And here I am, Seoul, in my birthday night.

I miss this town so much, where I have great memories five years ago with the one I loved. I don’t know where to go. I want to visit his apartment, but I think in five years he must be moving out. So, I decided to go where the first time we meet, that café.

When I got that café, how surprised I am, when I saw you sitting in the place we always used. I can feel my eyes gone red.

And I walk to approach you, and I can see in front of you, there is a cake with a number on it, same as my ages now. I can’t hold my tears again.

“Happy birthday hyung” you said and blowing out the candles, I can’t handle this anymore.

“Kibum” I called the name that I miss so bad.

I saw you stood immediately, turned to me and smile. “Donghae”

And I hug you tightly as cry a lot on your shoulder.



I still remember when the first time we met in this café. When you walked through that door, I feel strange when I see you that time. I don’t know why, my heart keeps beating faster. Then you sat down on that chair in front of my table, and this time my eyes can’t stop looking at your face. Two days later, I still remember the nervousness I felt when I came near to your table and introduce myself. Kibum.

And from the times we always shared each other about everything we can shared, with two ice coffee espresso double shot that has become our habit in that café. Actually you’re the most much talked about yourself. Your job, friends, and a child who you met on the street, your family and a lot of things.

I also remember when you talked about your father sickness and not for long time you came to the café with your face full of sadness and told to me that your father passed away, at that time I didn’t know what to do, so I just come close to you, sat beside your chair and borrowed my shoulder to you so you can cry again.

Three months later, when your birthday night, you came to the café with the same face before when you told me about your sickness father. What happen this time? I thought. I don’t know why, but I feel I don’t know you again, in these three months you’ve been acting strangely, I lose your happy smile, innocent face and your always late and sometime cancelled our covenant.

Suddenly I shocked when you told me that you will back to your hometown, Mokpo, to life with your mother and don’t know when back to Seoul.

And this time, once again I don’t know what to do, whether I should be sad, disappointed or pleased that you will accompany your mother after your father’s departure.

Why my life should be like this? Why everyone I love want to leave me alone? My father, my mother, my school friends, and now you, the one I really love, have to leave me alone. I shouted on my head.


Now, after five years you left me alone in this town, in your birthday night, I back to the café, Looked at the empty chair that you left with cold silence, still with ice coffee espresso, I celebrate your birthday alone as previous years . I’ll always wait for you; want to see you again, although I don’t know when the time comes.

In my mid full of the great memories that we have been through together. The first time we play at the park. The first time when you come to my apartment. The first time I tell you that I love you and how surprised I was that you love me too, and the first time you kiss my lip in front of my apartment’s door.

I look at my watch. It almost midnight. I took out a small box from my pocket. A gift that I should give you five years ago. I open the box and I can see a couple rings that our names engraved there. You know, at that time I want to ask you to become my first and last partner in my life.

“Happy birthday hyung” I said slowly.

“Kibum” I heard a familiar voice, a voice that I can’t hear in past five years, voice that I missed so much, when I found the source of the voice, how shocked I am, there stood a man who I’ve missed.

“Donghae” I smiled.

He's Yours
After read the newspaper, with a little anger I pick up my phone and select the only number that I saved in my phone book.
“Hello…” A voice said in other side.
“Hyung, we need to talk, you’re in dorm now, right?” I asked
“Yes, what’s happen Kibum-ah?” the voice asked me.
“I’ll tell you later hyung, I’m on my way to the dorm, just wait for me, ok?” I said and hang up the phone.
Not for long time I arrived to the dorm, the dorm that I missed for 2 years, the dorm that I leaved for the same reason I come right now.
I’m in front of the dorm. I send a message to him.
After 5 minutes I wait, I hear step closer to the door.
“Bummie, why you not just enter to the dorm, It’s still yours” he said with his innocent face that I miss so much.
“I miss you so much, Kibum-ah” he added and try to hug me but I step back.
“Not now hyung, we need to talk in your room” I said and walk trough him to his room. I can see his face full of worries.
I got to the room first, so much sweet memories that we have in this room. My tears almost come out but I try to hold it, I don’t want he see me cry right now.
“Bummie, what happen actually? Why are you so weird?” he asked me after enter the room and close the door.
I turned my body and I can see his face, and then I give him the newspaper that I read before.
“What the meaning of this hyung?”I asked angrily.
“Why this could happen again hyung? You’ve promised me this thing can’t happen again” I moaned.
“Holding hands, hugging, that’s ok for me hyung, but this?  Is not this too much for fan service hyung” I couldn’t contain my anger anymore.
“Can you read the title ‘ EUNHAE is really real, no doubt about this anymore’ it’s really hurt me hyung, really hurt” I sobbed.
“Bummie, I can explain to you, this is not happening like this” He try to explained.
“You can’t lie to me hyung, I could see how you look at him at the pictures, that look  like how you looked at me, I know what the meaning of that look hyung,“ I yelled at him.
For second just silent.
 “You love him right hyung?”I whispered.
“No, Kibum-ah, you know I only love you, please believe me” he said and come closer to me.
“Hyung….  you still remember what I told to you when I leave this dorm 2 years ago, the real reason why I choose to live in my own apartment” I told to him.
“The reason it’s you hyung, not for my acting career, but because how you and him give fan services to make our fans happy  but make more pain in my heart, I know that time you didn’t have choice because the manager told us to do that for our popularity. I have told you right hyung? And what you told me after that? You told me that just what you must do not you feel and you hope you can to that with me, right hyung?” I remembered him.
“So hyung, tell me if I wrong, you love him right?” I asked him as I look at his eye.
He bowed his head, I can hear he start crying.
“I’m sorry bummie, I just miss you so much, I miss you hug me, your warm, your smile, all of we done before, but I could do just hear your voice, I want to more close to you and that there was only him, he always makes my sadness disappear, makes me smile again” He explained and I can hear his cry more loud.
I was silent for a moment. still trying to hold back my tears.
I walked over him, lifted his head so I could see his beautiful eyes.
“I know hyung, I’m really understand how you feel because I feel the same as yours” I smile to him
“All the time I've survived because I believe you can get through this all, but I’m wrong hyung,” I added.
“But bummie…” he whispered.
“This not your fault, but mine, if two years ago I was not so selfish to leave you alone here, things like this will not happen right hyung” I said, gave a forced smile.
“I’m really sorry bummie” he said still crying.
“It’s ok with me hyung, as long as you happy with him, I’m also happy hyung” I said.
“But one more thing hyung, I just one to hear from you, look at my eyes and tell me he can make you happy” I asked him.
He slowly raised his head and look inside my eyes.
“I’m happy bummie, but I’m more happy if you with me to” He said.
“No hyung, I think it’s enough for me and you, I will not disturb you again” I said and smile to him again, but now with my origin smile and I hug him tightly as this hug for the last time.
“Ok hyung, It’s time for me to go, I should have been on shooting location since half an hour ago, I hope you always happy with him” I pulled him away and give my last smile before I leave.
I put the newspaper that I bring before and walk to the door.
“Bummie, I’m really sorry…” I heard he shouted as I was outside the room.
‘Good bye my love, Lee DongHae” I whispered so only I can hear it.
‘I’ll always love and wait for you’
On my way to the dorm’s door, I met with Eunhyuk hyung.
“Kibum-ah, when you arrived” He asked me.
“HyukJae hyung, he’s yours now, I hope you can take care of him more than I do” I said and smiled to him, and then walk through the door.
When I closed the door, tears that I hold finally come out.

the Beach
Semakin lama aku mengenalnya semakin aku tahu bahwa dialah yang selama ini aku cari.

Saat dia bicara, tersenyum, berjalan, makan,minum , semakain menambah keyakinanku dialah orangnya.

Saat dia menyentuh tanganku,kehangatan dan kelembutan kulitnya mengingatkanku akan tahun-tahun yang telah berlalu.

Dialah orangnya.

Orangnya yang pertama kali aku temui saat aku dan keluargaku berlibur ke pantai saat aku berumur 5 tahun.

Saat aku sedang berlari-lari sepanjang pantai dan tanpasengaja menabrak seorang anak yang 2 tahun lebih tua dari.

Senyumnya saat itu, wajah manis dan lugunya tak akan pernah kulupakan.

Saat dia mengulurkan tangannya untuk membantu ku berdiri, entah kenapa detak jantungku berdetak tidak biasa, aku tak tahu apa artinya saat itu.

Semenjak itu, kami berteman baik, tapi tidak dalam waktu yang lama, 3 hari setelah pertama kali kami bertemu aku dan keluargaku harus pulang.

Dan saat mobilku menjauh dari pantai itu dan melihat dia melambai tak terasa air mataku jatuh, dan sekali lagi aku tak tahu apa artinya.

Kini, setelah 20 tahun berlalu aku kembali ke pantai itu untuk merayakan ulang tahun sahabatku.

Dan sekali lagi kejadian 20 tahun lalu berulang, sekali lagi tanpa sengaja aku menabrak sesorang sehingga membuat ku terjatuh.

Lalu dia dengan mengulurkan tangannya membantuku berdiri, saat tangan kami bersentuhan, saat itulah ingatanku kembali ke 20 tahun yang lalu.

Saat aku berdiri,sekali lagi dia mengulurkan tangannya dengan tersenyum yang masih aku ingat hingga dan berkata "Kibum...!!!!"


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